More than just a blockchain.

The platform that makes up the Arisen network brings to life much more than just your typical ledger. Arisen is pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

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UAL and accounts.

Arisen, unlike most blockchain platforms, uses human-readable account names (@username) and serves as a universal authentication layer for the cryptographic validation of account credentials.


Role-based permissions.

Arisen also features a universal permission system for accounts, so that apps developed on the framework can create vanity permissions specifically for their applications.


300K transactions per-second.

Arisen's network has the capability of handling over 300,000 transactions per-second. Transactions are made up of one or more actions that derive from small applications deployed across the network known as smart contracts. Those actions might be related to the exchange of currency between two parties or the generation of random lottery numbers. In truth, with Arisen - the sky is the limit.


2 blocks per second.

While blockchains like Ethereum produce one block approximately every 15 seconds, Arisen produces two blocks every second. Blocks on Arisen, like on any blockchain, are made up of a bunch of transactions. Arisen's 21-member elected governance, also known as "block producers" are responsible for running Arisen's software and validating the validity of blocks on a per-second basis.


dTLDs and auctions.

While normal accounts must be 12 characters and can be freely registered, accounts under 12 characters must be won at auction and can contain a dot, giving birth to the dTLD and the ability to have many names under a central brand (e.g. yourname.premiumname).


Network addressing.

Arisen is compatible with many dWeb-based decentralized (peer-to-peer) content addressable storage systems (dCass) so that the files of websites and web applications can be distributed between peers effortlessly (e.g. dweb://8fed1c2fde6...).


Multi-currency network.

Aside from Arisen's native currency RISE (RIX), Arisen is a multi-currency network that can contain an infinite amount of currencies. In fact, anyone can create their own currency on Arisen, without any learning curves.


Multichain communications.

Arisen doesn't just speak to other networks that use the ArisenX software but can also transfer currencies like RIX between two wholly unrelated blockchains using the CTTP protocol.

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