One computer. Millions of apps.

All of the computers running Arisen and dWeb's software form a global, distributed computer, capable of asynchronously executing millions of different applications on a per-minute basis.

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Distributed resources.

Arisen's blockchain measures distributed computing and storage capacity via RAM (storage of account data, public keys, token balances and where smart contracts store the state of actions), CPU (where smart contracts process their actions) and NET (the transfer of bytes of information). This insures that the network isn't abused by bad actors. RIX, the networks native currency, is required to acquire the needed RAM, CPU and NET resources needed every time a smart contract is executed (on-chain application code).


The distributed virtual machine.

Arisen utilizes a distributed WASM-based virtual machine for the execution of smart contract actions. This WASM-based VM lives on all of the network's nodes. Block producers are responsible for executing actions, contained within transactions, which are ultimately inserted into a block, that producers are ultimately scheduled to execute and validate in an agreed upon order.


Smart contracts.

Smart contracts are small pieces of code stored on Arisen's network which can be initiated by the users of centralized and decentralized applications for execution and validation across the network. Since Arisen has the capability of churning out over 300,000 transactions per-second, and the ability to process multiple actions in a single transaction asynchronously, it is ultimately capable of processing millions of actions from thousands of applications on a per-second basis.


Computing marketplace.

Developers of applications must pay for the RAM, CPU and NET resources needed for each individual action that is executed by the users of their applications. These distributed computing resources can be purchased via Arisen's global computing marketplace from resource providers on the network, in exchange for RIX.

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