No more servers.

Arisen provides a distributed and decentralized solution for the peer-to-peer storage of files, like the files of a website or web application or the media files relating to a video network or music streaming service.

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The distributed file system.

Arisen uses an off-chain distributed file system known as dDrive. dDrive utilizes the dDatabase protocol so that files and their metadata are converted to binary, fragmented between peers and exchanged in a duplex binary channel so that a dDrive can be recreated on devices that are fetching it from the swarm.


The swarm.

Arisen uses a series of peer-to-peer networking libraries like dWSwarm so that peers can locate other peers, as well as the files they're sharing. This peer discovery process is efficient, and allows any peer to download a dDrive from a swarm of peers simultaneously.


Addressable Content.

The ability for users to retrieve content by a specific hash-based address (e.g. dweb://8fed1fgzh3c...) gave birth to inventions like the dWeb where websites and web applications can be distributed within a dDrive and accessed from a dDrive-enabled web browser like dBrowser.


dDNS and DHT-based discovery.

For absolute redundancy, dDrive uses multiple discovery methods, including regular DNS, decentralized DNS, BitTorrent's Kademilia-based DHT and Multicast. In case DNS nodes are unreachable, a dDrive can still be discovered via BitTorrent's global DHT.


File versioning.

A dDrive uses the dDatabase protocol to store the metadata of files as well as a copy of every revision of each file in the file system. This allows peers to retrieve specific versions of a dDrive or in the case of the dWeb, specific versions of a website or web application.


Domain-based discovery.

Domains can be connected to a dDrive address (dWeb network address) using a TXT record, so that a dDrive can be discovered via a domain, rather than just a hash-based network address (e.g. dweb:// or dweb://arisen.dcom). This allows a dDrive to be viewed in dWeb browsers (like dBrowser) almost effortlessly.

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