Decentralized currencies and payments.

Arisen is a multi-currency network, home to the RISE (RIX) currency, zero transaction fees and one of the fastest payment platforms in the world.

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Introducing RISE (RIX).

RISE (RIX) is the native and default currency on the Arisen network and is currently being given away for free around the world. RIX was never sold, nor will it ever be and is currently being traded on BitShares.


Send, spend & receive.

RIX and other currencies can be exchanged between users on the Arisen network almost effortlessly and at speeds that rival today's most advanced payment networks.


No transaction fees.

Arisen's network never charges a transaction fee, since the network's governance and its savings account for network improvements are funded completely through inflation.


Multi-currency wallet.

Arisen's core wallet, known as dWallet, is a multi-currency wallet capable of managing an unlimited amount of Arisen-based currencies. Arisen also has a command-line based wallet known as aWallet, that comes pre-packaged with the Arisen's core software.

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